Street Photography Tips
Street photography

I love street photography. I think that done right it captures humanity in an honest and compelling way. Done wrong, it looks staged and uncomfortable. Read this article from Desmond Louw. He shares some great tips for getting the best photos.

Removing Eyeglass Glare
eyeglass glare

This is a simple, yet very useful trick for removing glare from eye glasses. Read the full article here on PhotoFocus.

Download How To Photograph The Holidays from @fotoconcentrate

  Get ready for the holidays with another great resource shared by Digital Photography School. This downloadable guide contains great tips and a printable checklist. Read the full article here.  Holiday photography can present challenges with lighting, exposure and more. We can all use the help, especially beginners like me. I hope you enjoy! Download the How To Photograph The Holidays created by  Lauren and Rob at Photography Concentrate. While there check out all the awesomeness on their site.  

How do I move photos from one Lightroom catalog to another?
Lightroom Catalog

Have you ever struggled with moving your photos around between Lightroom catalogs? Me, too. Here is a great short tutorial on how to do so without breaking a sweat. Nicole S. Young does a great job of simply laying out the process. Here are some other great articles that she wrote for PhotoFocus. Read the full article here:

A new tool for understanding Exposure

Tony Catalano’s Interactive Exposure Tool is just too cool. As beginner photographer understanding shutter speeds, ISO and aperture settings sometimes leaves be feeling like the dunce in the class. With this tool I can actually SEE what happens and that fits my style of learning. This tool is also mobile-friendly and FREE. Adjust the sliders and the photo on the left will change accordingly. It really is a brilliant tool.  

Decoy: Who is he? A photographic session.

THE LAB: DECOY – A portrait session with a twist looks at 6 photographers perspectives that are based on the back story that they are given on the subject. The photographers featured include  Chris Meredith, Jin Lim, Lyndal Irons, Kate Disher-Quill, Franky Tsang & Tristan Stefan Edouard. The results show how the information the photographers were given on Michael affected the way that they “see” and photograph this man. It is fascinating to me for a couple of reasons. Of course it is interesting to see their interpretations, but it is also to see how the same preconceived ideas about a person reflect on how we relate to people in general society. How close do we look at someone? As a photographer don’t you owe it to the art to look deeper, to get past the labels and titles and see the person not the decoy that was created to hide the person?

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